General Guidelines for
Our On-Site Gatherings:

Welcome back! Our on-site Sunday services are at 8:30 and 10:30 am. Our 10:30 service is also streamed online from our Facebook page. We ask that those who are uncomfortable, those in what are considered higher-risk groups or those who are otherwise unhealthy to consider watching from home. Out of love for our church and our community, CCN is complying with local and CDC guidelines. Due to social distancing measures, on-site gatherings are limited in size. Please read below for details. Also for a detailed checklist, click the link at the bottom of this page. All of our scheduled weekly gatherings will continue to be available online at their scheduled times.

  • Safety Measures

    The safety of our church members is of utmost importance. Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in the sanctuary, restrooms and classroom. Our facility will be re-sanitized and cleaned in between each service. Greeters and ushers will be wearing face masks and using safe distancing protocols. Sanctuary and Balcony seating has been redesigned to accommodate 6' spacing. Restrooms are to be sanitized after each use.

  • Children / Overflow Seating

    We are not providing children’s ministry services on site at this time. Parents are requested to keep their children with them throughout the entire service. At least one parent must accompany their child to the restroom. We have fun packets for kids to enjoy during the service.
    * Our classroom has been temporarily repurposed for overflow seating. Please check in at our classroom located inside the far-left door of the NW Fresh Seafood Building adjacent to our rear parking lot.

  • Congregating

    Doors will remain open throughout the service for ventilation as weather permits. In the initial phases of reopening, foot traffic will be directed one way into the sanctuary seating area from the front door, and after the service be directed to exit through the rear door where those wishing to congregate may do so in the back parking lot area. This gives us the ability to utilize safe social distancing measures inside the building as well as providing a suitable environment for fellowship.

  • Face Masks

    We ask that you please wear a face mask when choosing our public gatherings. Of course we continue to support and endorse those also choosing our online services.
    Please also understand and extend grace to those with a medical condition or disability plus children under 12 who are not required to wear a mask.
    Like you, we long for the time when these troubling days are behind us. Until then, our prayer is these issues do not ever become a dividing point for us - and our chief aim remains always to bring glory and honor to our King.

  • Social Distancing

    As we come together, let’s be patient and honor an appropriately healthy distance between family groups in order to minimize the potential for the spread of disease. For the time being, please refrain from physical contact with those outside your family unit (ie. hugging, handshakes, etc.). Church flooring has been appropriately marked to safely direct the one-way flow of people and seating has been set up for 6′ distancing.

  • Sensitive Groups

    Older adults, individuals with underlying medical conditions (including, for example, respiratory conditions, HIV, diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease and/or cancer) should consider not attending the service at this time but rather continue to watch the service online. Also, we ask you to stay home if you or your children have any signs of illness.

For a detailed checklist, click HERE.
This page will be periodically updated. Please check back.